Business Owner & Hound Rescuer

Spotlight on Lois Lane

Lois Lane taking a "Freedom Ride" on behalf of Carolina Coon Hound Rescue.

Every Dog Must Have its Day

This quote made famous by Jonathan Swift so many years ago, rings more than true today for Lois Lane, Owner and Broker-in-Charge of Lois Lane Properties. When she isn't assisting clients with their Real Estate needs, she's running the roads helping rescue abandoned, abused and sick hounds. She calls these missions "Freedom Rides", because the dogs she rescues are being saved from starvation, disease and death.

Recently, we captured Lois in action as she traveled to southeast Georgia to pick up a Coonhound from a kill shelter. Click HERE to go along for the ride.

Lois and "Callie" ~ Opening Day of Lane & Smythe Real Estate, May 19, 1999

You Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog

Lois' love affair with hound dogs began 20 years ago when she rescued a small Lemon Beagle in Rockville, South Carolina. The dog was estimated to be three years old, she'd had countess litters and tested heart-worm positive. But that didn't deter Lois one bit from bringing Callie home to Charleston where she lived a full and pampered life.

When Callie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she left a legacy of love that Lois knew she had to follow. When asked why hound dogs? Lois is quick to respond "it's the long ears and soulful eyes... gets me every time."

Lois now has a pack of hounds living with her. Sadie Mae, a Walker Tree Hound was adopted during a "Bark for your Brew" promotion at a Riverdogs game. Cosi Mae, a Deer Dog came from the Charleston Animal Society and General Beauregard, part Coonhound and maybe some Basset, joined the pack as a "foster fail" who came to stay for Christmas one year.... and never left.

Sadie Mae, Cosi Mae and General Beauregard settle down for a snooze

To the Rescue

Most of the dogs Lois picks up are used for hunting. They usually come from kill shelters in North Carolina, South Carolina and parts of Georgia. Six years ago, Lois began volunteering for the small non-profit Carolina Coonhound Rescue, joining a network of dog lovers who give up their time to transport hounds to CCR headquarters in Charleston. Often times it take two or more people to make this work. A volunteer might drive from Clemson to Charlotte, another person rides from Charlotte to Columbia... and the final leg is Columbia to Charleston, where the hounds are taken to Animal Medical West. There they are treated then placed in foster homes with the ultimate goal of finding their forever family.

Finding fosters is one of the most difficult parts of this journey. In fact, one of the longest alums of Carolina Coonhound Rescue is Lois' dog Sadie. She spent a year at Animal Medical West as the front office dog. She learned how to socialize and overcome her fears while waiting for a foster family. One never arrived, so Lois does what Lois does... made room for one more. Now Sadie serenades the whole pack with her bellowing bays... feeling right at home.

Cosi Mae and Sadie Mae enjoying life South of Broad

Happiness is a Warm Puppy

These words made famous by "Peanuts" creator Charles Shultz speak to all of us at Lois Lane Properties. We are animal lovers, animal rescuers, and just plain crazy about our office pups.

Top Row: Sam (Keelin), Goose (Ruthie) Cosi (Lois) Bottom Row: Frida (Cathy), Flora (Cathy) Stella and Maverick (Eleanor)